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Anna and Katya were absolutely naked, sitting up on the bed.  Both lesbian girls took a few seconds, staring at each others pretty bodies.  Anna slowly and gently rubbed over Katya’s nipple. The softness her skin was heaven.
Anna wanted to get between her legs and taste that beautiful wet pussy…
She lightly lick up and down Katya’s wet slit.   She slowly teased around the wet pussy lips, liking the insides of her thighs, up around her mound, and even down at the taint by her asshole. She took her right hand, and started rubbing the front of her wet slit while licking up at her pretty pussy, and tried to use Katya’s juices to wetten her fingers, and get them ready to really explore this little wet pussy.  Soon Anna’s tiny finger was inside wet pussy, rubbing her little clit. Katya started shivering and moaning. Soon the wave of pleasure has covered her.